“other music to close on june 25th”

„Other Music“, der berühmte Plattenladen  für intensive Musik in New York, schliesst nach 20 Jahren . “Und der Wind weint leise,leise,Scheiße “ (Ringsgwandl und Jimi  Hendrix)
So um 1998 herum rief jemand bei uns im Trikont an, der sich „other music“ nannte aus New York, von dem wir noch nie gehört hatten. In den DJ-Charts vom Kult- Sender  WFMY läge auf Platz 1 eine Platte  mit dem Titel  „ho `!  - Roady music from vietnam 2000“ und würde dauernd gespielt. Ob die von Trikont sei und ob sie die bestellen könnten. Wir hatten weder den Sender bemustert und hatten damals auch noch keinen US-Vertrieb. Das änderte sich dann und die Institution „Other Music“ war begeistert von vielen unserer Compilations. Sowas wie „Black&Proud – The Soul of  the Black Panther Era”  z.Bsp. gab es in Amerika nicht.


NEW YORK TIMES über das Ende von “Other Music”


May 9, 2016
other music to close on june 25th

Dear friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that after more than 20 years in New York City, Other Music will be closing our doors on Saturday, June 25th. It’s been an incredible run for us, and we cannot thank you enough for the support and inspiration that you’ve given us over these past two decades. We’ve learned so much from you and are so grateful to have had your trust, curiosity, and passion as we’ve discovered and explored so much great music together since we first opened back in December of 1995. Times have changed, and soon we will be moving on, but in the coming weeks we hope you’ll come by and see us, dig through our racks, and reminisce about what has been a truly special era for all of us. We’ll also be announcing more events and celebrations soon, so stay tuned. Once again, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
-All of us at Other Music

You can read more about Other Music’s history in a press release here.
The New York Times just posted an article on Other Music, including an interview with co-owners Chris Vanderloo and Josh Madell.